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December 31, 2004
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+goddess of celcius zero+MPNTS by HOON +goddess of celcius zero+MPNTS by HOON
a character concept for "Ninja Talkshow" the KEEN project.

Mesmeris Placebo: Goddess of Celcius Zero

Mesmeris, was formally recognized as a promising philosopher and hypnotist. Her words & points of view captivated this uncultivated world, permeating swiftly throughout the Nine Tortoises continent. Her louche tongue poised with falsehoods, born of assumptions created flimflam hypotheses, accepted as theories by the masses.
Her most horrific act was publicly scrutinizing Professor Keen’s knowledgeable insights, belittling him, and crushing his spirits, causing him to breakdown and give into hatred.
Mesmeris’s ignorance to Keen’s shrouded love will cause an unleashed rage to balance out the universe, even if it results in Mesmeris’ frigid cadaver.

Mesmeris’ aborning ultimately began with her demise.


mesmeris placebo: 12th heaven [link]
Details montage: [link]

: painter8 pscs wacom. 3days :
Ninja talkshow™. KEEN. mesmeris placebo. copyright messstudio/HOONth.

the last peice with 2004 tag stuck to it.
2004 has been rather interesting year! Thanks all!
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babyboo69 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
Your art is so amazing. You have a style that's all your own, and because of this, I have favorited almost all your work you have posted, because I "hoard" like that! Haha =P I can't wait to see what you create next. Thanks so much for sharing =D
Eldynamo Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011
Superior work
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this is a jaw dropping piece! simply fantastic!
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OMG ! O.O Amazing ! Awesome work it is !
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